Become a Certified Oncology Navigator!

AONN+ Foundation for Learning offers three exams:  

AONN+ Foundation for Learning certifications are unique to the field of navigation. The establishment of baseline competencies for oncology navigators, centered on their roles, responsibilities, educational level of knowledge, and evidence-based best practices, will help to ensure consistent delivery of optimized patient care across the care continuum. Your AONN+ Foundation for Learning certification will provide you with specific credentials and knowledge that can help you improve patient care and further your career development.


With your AONN+ Foundation for Learning certification, you gain:

  • Knowledge and expertise derived from a navigation-specific formalized testing curriculum
  • Oncology Patient treatment optimization with increased awareness of care options
  • Opportunities for career enhancement with prospective promotions and financial incentives
  • Recognition and respect form industry organizations, institutional leadership, peers, and patients as an integral member of the multidisciplinary oncology team

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